We don’t want to be the next VC-backed, massive software company. We’re two friendly humans in Canada (Jack and Paul) who believe business growth isn’t the only byproduct of success in a market. We’re proud to state a few facts about Pico:

  1. If you publish an article, it stays online forever without ads or distractions. Even if you signup for a trial and never pay us. Even if you stop paying for your account. As long as we’re in business, your previous writing stays online.
  2. As long as you or your readers keep paying for your Pico writer account, you can keep publishing new writing. If you or your readers ever stop paying for your Pico writer account, your previous articles will stay online (but you won't be able to post new articles unless you start paying again).
  3. It’s your writing, and we don’t want to own it, rent it, or borrow it. We’ll do our best to amplify the best articles, but we don’t want to do anything nefarious with your writing.
  4. If Pico is ever sold (which is unlikely), we will do everything we can to ensure the three facts above are part of the legally binding agreement for the sale.

By charging a small monthly fee, payable by writers or their readers, we can keep our platform profitable (with low overhead) and durable into the future. Using free software isn’t actually free—because if you aren’t paying for the product, you are the product.

We’re working on the details now, but if you have any questions or concerns about these points, pop into our inbox—hi@ohpico.com.

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